Industrial Humidification, Heating, Cooling

The moisture content of feed pellet is a very important quality index, it directly affects the quality of feed pellet. If the moisture content is more or less than the prescribed standard, the feed pellet will be easy to mold and the nutrients will decrease. When producing the feed pellet, appropriate moisture content will be good for production, moisture reduces energy consumption and improves efficiency. Moisture content control is in the whole production process according to comprehensive control of various factors according to different situations.

While the ideal humidity rate for the pellet machine is expected to be around 15%, it cannot exceed 11-12% due to the variability of the raw material and production-related reasons. This decreases the efficiency and increases energy consumption in the pellet machine.

Trying to moisten the raw material mixture by adding water helps to increase the hardness of the pellet, but causes serious problems in drying and storage. Excessively moist products cause mold growth, microorganism formation and the formation of harmful acids.

As Mektron Makina, the product we developed using desuperheater technology produces saturated steam from superheated steam, and saturated steam is obtained by injecting water into the superheated steam. Since the injected water is pulverized into very small particles, it is very easy to penetrate into the product.

It provides humidity and temperature control at a rate of one thousandth without the need for equipment such as a pressure reducer.

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