Pressure Vessels in Production Processes

Pressure Vessels in Production Processes

Pressure vessels have become indispensable components in modern production processes. They ensure safe and efficient processing of substances under high pressure. Versatility, compatibility and compliance with stringent industry standards make pressure vessels indispensable tools for manufacturers in different industries. Investing in high-quality pressure vessels and prioritizing safety and reliability helps manufacturers optimize their operations, increase productivity and maintain the integrity of their products.

  • ASME “U” Mark & NBIC “R” Certificate
  • Atmospheric, Low and high pressure designs
  • 100% Radiography tests
  • PMI - Positive Material Identification
  • Pickling and Passivation (Citric, Nitric and Phosphoric Acid)
  • Heat treatment and Stress relief
  • Insulation with stainless, aluminum and fiberglass coating
  • Jackets (Half Pipe, Dimpled, Conventional)
  • Internal Pipe Rolls heating or cooling

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